Technical Scope

General technical areas for ASIAEM 2017 are :

High-Power Electromagnetics (HPEM) that includes Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP), Lightning and High- Power Microwaves (HPM), Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).

Under these topic areas, the Technical Program for ASIAEM 2017 is organized into 14 Technical Committees (TCs), as shown below :

Technical Committee Broad Area Description
TC 01 HPEM Sources, Antennas and Facilities
TC 02 HPEM Coupling to Structures and Cables
TC 03 HPEM/UWB Measurement Techniques
TC 04 HPEM IEMI Threats, Effects and Protection
TC 05 HPEM System-level Protection and Testing
TC 06 HPEM Lightning EM Effects/Measurement
TC 07 HPEM Analytical and Numerical Modeling
TC 08 HPEM Bioeffects/ Medical Applications
TC 09 UWB Antenna Design and Radiation
TC 10 UWB Radar Systems (Signal Processing Security Aspects)
TC 11 UWB Target Detection, and Imaging
TC 12 UXO Landmine and IED Detection and Neutralization
TC 13 HPEM and Power Lines EM Transients in UHV/EHV Trans Lines and Sub stations
TC 14 HPEM Statistical Methods in HPEM

In addition to the 14 TCs, we solicit proposals for Special Sessions.

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